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Since its founding in June 2014, 300 million users are on the APUS System, while 4 million fans are fans of APUS on Facebook, and have been covered in mainstream press including TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Gizmodo, and more.


NYTIMES Today, more than 200 million people use Apus apps, which now include a mobile browser and a flashlight, along with the app that improves the performance of a user’s phone. Read more

BGR The creators of [APUS Launcher] say it brings the iOS UX to Android. While that suggests this might be something you can do on the iPhone… not quite — good luck completely changing your user experience on an Apple device. Read more

Bloomberg Barely a year after APUS debuted for Android smartphones, the Chinese company that developed the popular app organizer is hoping for user numbers resembling those of Twitter Inc. and Facebook Inc. Read more

AndroidHeadlines The first thing to notice is that APUS Browser features an elegant material design style UI with just the right amount of color. Once you get past the visual appeal, APUS Browser boasts a quick and efficient browsing experience thanks to its “featherweight” design. Read more

BusinessInsider APUS is a beautiful launcher that organizes your apps into various folders, such as Communication, News & Books, and Media, among other categories. It's light and slick, and adds a bit of personality to your Android phone. Read more

GIZMODO APUS Launcher is a popular alternative launcher for Android that makes your smartphone look suspiciously like it comes from Cupertino (if that's something you want). Read more

User Comments:

Von Carlo TabuanSince i discovered APUS, I never took it off as my default launcher. I’ve tried a lot, but APUS is the one that makes my phone optimistic.

Tommie BennettI’ve had Apus for as long as I’ve had this phone which is a few years now. I must Love it.

Arlene WillansThe beginning of a new week, so it is time to put on our thinking caps and also know that we have APUS fast and good to boost us through our week.

JesseNscott GroleauMy husband installed this app on my phone without telling me so when I went to my phone and everything was different. I was then less pleased until I started to dig around in it then I have to say I absolutely love it. AMAZING APP!

Deveron RobertsonApus turned my ordinary phone into a futuristic phone. Who needs the new Samsung Galaxy? Just download Apus and you will never be bored.

Gloria BontoThank you so much APUS. Because of you the world is more accessible as compared to others.

Lauren John RamirezI have APUS on my Samsung S Duos 2 and on my new Lenovo A536. I love you APUS!

Adriannov Nathanielo JournyleyovkhaI've try a 23 Launcher from Google Play store, but...Apus Launcher is the fastest launcher Ever I use n until now...!!!

Aditya DrizzyI love Apus launcher & it’s the best launcher I can ever experience. It’s fast smooth & Stylish. Just keep on updating wallpapers every day because they are super HD & beautiful!

Erin PlatteterSo much faster. Love the speed of my phone now. Nothing beats it.

Munawar FarooqiI’m new user of APUS. I’m happy to say these sentences that I never use such a wonderful launcher with interesting features before. Thanks to APUS.

Sheryl EspinaApus is a good app. It is so very nice. I can watch video, and it has booster to help my app scanning fast to touch. That’s what all I need. It’s good, easy, fast launcher in my phone.

Mohammad Shafin AhmadIt’s amazing and surprising. I have got so much surprises in every moment when I use APUS. IT IS SUPPERBE.

Carmela SalvadorI love Apus, because my phone is not so expensive, but because of APUS, it’s so easy for me to select, to find, and to communicate with the other country

Elvira MargineanIt’s easy to use and makes my phone faster, no bugs! Apus is great! Xoxo from Serbia guys.