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Cookie Policy for APUS Websites

Dear Customers, welcome to APUS Websites!

We always adhere to the basic principle that respecting and protecting customers’ privacy safety is the top priority. Please read our Cookie Policy carefully, and you will know how APUS Websites use cookies.

This Cookie Policy shall apply to all the websites that APUS operates.

1. We promise, APUS Websites will never use cookies or similar technology to collect or to make use of customers’ personal information;

2. Service from Third Party: Please note that, APUS Websites integrated Google Analytics to make us aware of the behavior of website and plug-in from different location. When you visit APUS Websites from other websites, applications, computers or mobile devices, Google Analytics could facilitate us to know, to study and to perfect our functions and services. This third-party service may use cookies as the analysis tool. Please refer to Google Analytics’ Cookie Policy here;

3. Manage Cookies: You may manage cookies through the setting function of your browser. If the usage of cookies is restricted, you may not be able to enjoy the personalized service and the best user experience, and the login information or other custom settings shall not be saved as well. For better understanding the cookie management of different browsers, please refer to the following instructions:

If your browser is not listed above, please check your bowser’s HELP for more information.