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Media FAQ

1. Who is APUS? What is APUS System?

APUS is the pioneer of smartphone user system and the fastest developing mobile Internet company around the world. Meanwhile, APUS is the biggest mobile Internet company in China focusing on overseas market.
APUS means A Perfect User System. As a company with independent innovation technologies and ideas, APUS makes the most of various techniques to improve user experience and ingeniously create a full-featured user system. APUS System includes management for user interface, phone system, communication and social, information and information acquisition, and apps. It can meet all kinds of users’ needs with smartphone and mobile Internet.

2. Why did APUS Group choose to develop a smartphone user system?

Because APUS discovered and wished to make the best use of the circumstances. Now US market is sophisticated and self-sufficient, Chinese as red ocean market, and emerging markets at blue ocean stage.
For Chinese Internet, in the past decades, there have been three stages. The first happened within 2000 to 2006. Back then, foreign companies and services have fully occupied the Chinese market. In the second stage from 2006 to 2014, Chinese Internet companies rose abruptly, for example, BAT, TABLE. Until May and June of 2015, the whole user group of 800 to 900 million have been fully developed and it has been increasingly difficult to benefit from the population bonus. The Chinese Internet companies were driven into a corner and entrepreneurs were force to make a decision. Mr. Li held the idea that there are only two ways: either O2O, or go overseas.

3. How about the funding situation of APUS Group?

Established in June 2014, APUS at once received a 100 million RMB investment from Northern Light Venture Capital and Redpoint Ventures. Six months later, APUS received more than 100 million US Dollars in its Series B round led by Chengwei Capital, SIG and Qiming Venture Partners. And Northern Light Venture Capital and Redpoint Venture furthered their investments. Now the market value of APUS Groups has exceeded USD 1.5 billion.

4. How many users does APUS have?

By the end of 2016, the user base of APUS System and APUS products has touched 1 billion from more than 200 countries around the world.

5. APUS is also investing other companies. What’s your investment philosophy and target?

APUS only invests companies with considerable user group and leading techniques. In terms of the team, APUS pay great attention to the leaders’ vision, insight, management and the ability to learn.
In September 2015, APUS founded APUS Fund to invest the innovative mobile Internet projects in India and the initial investment was 3 billion rupee (around 300 million RMB). Now, IamWire has become the first one to receive investment from APUS Fund.

6. Who is APUS cooperating with?

Globally, APUS is in cooperation with Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter; with InMobi, Olacabs, Flipkart in India; Yandex in Russia; and Huawei, Meizu in Chinese market.

7. What is the future for APUS?

Besides developing APUS System to provide users around the world with the best user experience for smartphone and mobile Internet, APUS hopes to help Chinese mobile Internet companies enter and develop global markets.
And through the platform that APUS built, APUS wish to influence the world with Chinese culture and innovations. This is the original intention of APUS Group and dream of Mr. Li Tao.

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