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Women Changemakers lead Diversity Hiring Opportunities

2018-07-23 This Week India

Bangalore, July 23: The fourth edition of Women Changemakers Career Fair and Confluence made waves at The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru today. An initiative of, the event was an exciting opportunity for women to identify better job opportunities and understand some diversity initiatives of well-known brands. The excited participants of the Fair had opportunities to network and interact with women corporate leaders as well.

Funded by Mancer Consulting Services, one of India's leading recruitment consultancy firms, helps companies hire curated technology talent.  Women Changemakers is an exclusive career fair and confluence for women, which is the diversity vertical

At the venue, about 650 women with work experience ranging from freshers to more than 15 years’ experience, and about 100 re-starters listened to the focused discussions and used networking opportunities. The high-level speaker line up and influencers at the Fair was also a huge attraction for most participants who were looking to learn, grow and take wing in their chosen professions.  

Sunil Shah, Deputy CEO- Delivery, Societe Generale Global Solution Center, reiterates, “Diversity and Inclusion, is not only a set of best practices, but a mindset of viewing every person as a unique individual and celebrating the differences irrespective of culture, race, gender or origin. With a remarkably progressive history of 154 years, the Societe Generale Group, houses over 147,000 employees worldwide and 59% are women. Gender Diversity and inclusion, therefore is no longer restricted to the number of women in the organization but in empowerment, enablement and focus on merit based on an individual’s ability. These differences are what make us a thriving fraternity that focuses on functioningDifferently Together.”

Tao Li, CEO of APUS Group, who were one of the recruiters at the event said, "APUS is a strong believer of professional equality and women empowerment. In our company about 40% of employees are female, who are experts in their respective fields. We are looking forward to recruit more intelligent women who can contribute towards the growth of the company. Going with the goal of Indian government to empower women, this event is the perfect platform for us towards this big step. It is an inspiring and groundbreaking idea; we encourage the amazing talent pool in this event and wish them for their future endeavor."

The other speakers were, Ashok Pamidi, Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion NASSCOM, Tina Vinod, Head of Diversity Inclusion, Thoughtworks, Sapna Alva Tariyal, Head – Procurement , Societe Generale, Divya Ganesh, Director, McKinsey  and Nidhi Goyal, Disability and Gender Rights Activist and Comedienne, Magesh Sambasivan- Head, HR, Societe Generale .

Naren Krishna, the founder of Stockroom.ioobserving the participation, said,” While Diversity and Inclusion is not just gender diversity, it is undoubtedly the elephant in the room, which requires our immediate attention. It’s really encouraging for early stage startups like us to see some of the leading companies actively coming forward to embrace and support new platforms and initiatives to solve to problem of gender diversity. A lot of modern day workplaces have also realized that diversity and inclusion is not just a HR problem but also a business problem.”

India’s first exclusive diversity job portal launched

The women Changemakers event also saw a unique product – Equiv, a job portal that helps companies connect with a diversity talent pool- to help with hiring and employee branding.

Speaking during the launch, Naren Krishna, the CEO of said,” For organization like us it’s not just enough to come up with just enough to come with any solution to solve the problem of D&I but it’s also important to come up with a scalable solution that can create impact at a scale. Our vision at Equiv is to leverage technology and come up with a suite of enterprise products that would help companies in achieving their D&I goals. The Job portal is a first step towards that direction to help companies connect with diversity talent. We have lot of other interesting offerings, which are currently in product development stage”

One of Equiv’s unique offerings is the powerful AI tool that delivers text analysis tool powered by AI will help companies come up with right job description to ensure attracting more diversity applications..

With Equiv, The women Changemakers initiative of gets strength, added to the 4000 plus women and 25 companies that partner in this push for change.