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The First "China-Indonesia Internet Summit" Held in Indonesia

2017-05-10 APUS

On May 10th, 2017, with the grand opening of the Indonesian E-commerce Summit and Exhibition (IESE), the first “China-Indonesia Internet Summit” was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The forum attracted leaders of the political circles and many Southeast Asian giants, Indonesian tool application developers, operators and advertising media companies.

This time, in conjunction with ZOOMY, the “Indo-Indonesian Internet Summit” provided a platform to discuss the development, negotiate business cooperation, enhance business partnerships, and establish communication and exchanges with the Indonesian local government, thus deepening the brand influence of APUS in Indonesia, which is another new measure that APUS deploys Indonesia market.

With more than one billion users worldwide, APUS is committed to improving the mobile Internet experience of users globally, especially emerging markets. APUS is devoted to bringing the ideas and habits of using the Internet to Indonesian netizens. It is of utmost importance to promote the integration of Chinese and Indonesian cultures and deepen localized operation strategies. APUS not only brings its innovative user systems and other products to Indonesia, brings world-leading technologies such as big data to Indonesia, it also brings mature business models, funds as well as outstanding Chinese Internet companies to Indonesia.

APUS hopes to take this China-Indonesia Internet Forum as an opportunity to continue to promote the globalization of the Internet by means of investment incubators. It will input sufficient funds to support local Internet companies, use product technologies to promote the development of the local Internet, and deepen the layout of the APUS ecosystem to accelerate the realization of the first five-year plan.