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China's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Influence the world ,Wharton visited APUS

2017-09-15 APUS

The trend of innovation and entrepreneurship in China has sparked strong interest from foreign businesses and academia. About 20 foreigners listened attentively to representatives from a fast-growing company who shared the company's experiences in going global.

The foreigners were students attending the MBA program for executives at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, the world's first business school.

This is the third year of Wharton to come to APUS for exchange. Bernadette Bot, executive director of the Wharton WEMBA program, said in an interview with CHINA DAILY at the conference. I'm leading 60 students on the China tour for the course of innovation and entrepreneurship in 2017. We are going to visit a total of 12 companies, Huawei, Alibaba, Perfect World, VIPKID were on the list, and of course, APUS, a Chinese innovation and entrepreneurial enterprise.