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APUS Wins MMA Mobile Marketing Award and Leads Global Marketing Forces

2017-11-03 APUS

Recently, the annual awards for the MMA Wireless Marketing Award have been announced. Among them, APUS won the MMA (Wireless Marketing Alliance) Wireless Marketing Award (The Smarties TM) with the mobile marketing case “PENGHANCUR JARI (Finger Breaker)” and was awarded the best mobile marketing case in Indonesia. This is the second time that APUS has won this award.

During Ramadan in 2017, APUS and Meizu worked together to launch this online event in Indonesia to accompany Muslims celebrating the holiday. The five-day event saw over 8 million impressions on products and social media, attracted more than one million Indonesian users to participate in the event, and nearly 50,000 users shared the event.

The highly involved users not only enhanced the brand's influence of APUS in Indonesia, but also fully proved that APUS has succeeded in taking root in the Indonesian market, and the localized operation strategy implemented by APUS in Indonesia has been successful.