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APUS ‘Support Your Team’ campaign wins Bronze prize at the GMM

2016-10-24 APUS

At the start of 2016, APUS began its strategy to drive monetization so that we can keep on delivering high quality experiences to our hundreds of millions of users and fans. Our vision is to create a perfect user system; and as part of this journey, we continue to experiment with new services and technologies that will make APUS even better. 

Among APUS user system, APUS Discovery is one of the highest stickness features that attract APUS users. It is a contextual service inside APUS Launcher that helps users explore what apps are being used by other APUS users nearby. To help promote APUS Discovery in India, APUS launched a special campaign based around the T20 Cricket World Cup. Indian users could get special T20-related themes to personalise their phone, and also enter a competition to win tickets to the T20 Cricket World Cup, or win a Honor 5X smartphone. 

The campaign was a great success. In recognition of this, APUS has been awarded the Bronze Prize in the prestigious Global Mobile Marketing Association Smarties Awards (India), in the category of Most Engaging Mobile Creative. 

This campaign was promoted via advertising resources throughout APUS Launcher, APUS’ social media channels and local Indian bloggers. With over 30 million users in India alone (Data in September 2015), APUS has a large install base to help showcase new promotions and generate additional word of mouth. 

Cricket is one of the most celebrated sports in APUS’ targeted markets in India. With the topic trending on social media, especially during the World Cup season, we wanted give our users something special.  

Users could ‘discover’ a range of different teams and select the team they support. A special game then appeared where users could hit the ball and see how many runs they can score. The scores from each player were then added to the total for everyone who participated in the game. The more people who play for each country, the higher the score, helping to encourage users to get friends to participate the event.  

The ‘Support Your Team’ campaign was successful because it was highly interactive; instead of straightforward promotions, the gamification introduced APUS Discovery feature in a fun way.  

As Chinese brands which were both loved in India, APUS and Huawei formed strategic marketing alliance. To promote this campaign, APUS collaborated with Honor 5X, a prestigious line of Android smartphones from Huawei. One of the top prizes for the campaign included the brand new Honor 5X smartphone.  

You can watch the video for the campaign here:

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