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APUS Signs Agreement with Digital Belt and Road Center

2018-02-28 APUS

Recently, the inaugural ceremony of the Digital Belt and Road Forum and Digital Belt and Road Research Center China Institute, Fudan University was held in Beijing.

Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the former Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mr. Liang Zhenying, Secretary of the Party Committee of Fudan University and Chairman of the China Research Institute of Fudan University, Ms. Jiao Yang, and the chairman of Chinese Institute, Fudan University, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. As a member of the Research Center Council, Mr. Li Tao, founder and CEO of APUS, was invited to attend the meeting.

The Digital Belt and Road Research Center is a research institute initiated by the China Institute of Fudan University and the Shanghai Spring and Autumn Development Strategy Institute. The purpose of the Center is to promote digital technology and industry in the One Belt and One Road construction. On the basis of a deep understanding of the problems and difficulties faced by the Belt and Road Initiative, the Center is committed to providing the Chinese government and enterprises with a digital solution to the related problems of the Belt and Road.

APUS founder and CEO Li Tao signed agreement with the center and expressed his sincere gratitude to the center's leaders. He pointed out: “we are experiencing two major changes: First, mobile internet is popular among the world. Second, China is embarking on the stage of world leaders and becoming an important promoter of building new-type international relations.

After these two major reforms collided, a new wave of energy is stimulating a huge repercussion in the digital economy through the core strategy of the “One Belt One Road” initiative. It has opened up new ways of development as well as new areas that has given China a boost in the world economy.