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APUS and International NGOs Launch "Green Hero" Charity Event in India

2017-12-07 APUS

On December 3, local time in India, APUS and India's environmental protection NGO Uthaan jointly launched a tree-planting campaign under the theme of "Clean My India". The linkage between online and offline has covered more than 10 million users.

APUS launched the #ThanksForCleaningIndia campaign through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and active local forums, calling for people to appreciate "Green Hero" who has been devoted to improving environmental pollution.

"As the world's leading mobile Internet company, we constantly provide users with better products and services through innovation and development, support and promote the development of the Internet industry around the world, meanwhile we should take responsibility. Public welfare is more than a slogan. APUS will care about the lives of its users and make more people live better." Li Tao, founder and CEO of APUS, said.