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Corporate culture, vision, and values of APUS Group

1. Eight Keywords of APUS Corporate Culture


Human nature is good. Listen to your heart and follow it. It tells no lie.


Never forget who you are even facing complex issues. Get self-improvement and gain benefits via kind and righteous way, then dreams will come ture.


Communicate, work, and decide with simplicity. The best way of communication is always through simplicity and sincereness.


Be sincere and honest to treat people and issues.


Be grateful to our parents, mentors and everyone who once helped us. We can only be happy with gratitude.

Veneration and Awe

Hold in veneration and natural orders. Only with veneration and awe, we shall think deeper, learn harder and improve more.


Be passionate from heart. Love your country, ethnicity, yourself, family, dream, work, and life.


A beard well lathered is half shaved. we shall think how to communicate and how to communicate and how to work before actually doing it.

2. Missions and visions

(1) Provide people access to internet and technology at zero cost. Give them chance for education and change destiny.

Having benefited from modern technology and education, my life has been greatly changed and I believe they can help many people. This is what I have been after and this is APUS’s goal and vision.

By developing APUS User System, we wish to make it easier for people to enjoy access to internet and free technology and education. With our efforts, we hope one day our enterprise and wealth can truly help people who need it.

(2) Provide a better life for more people around the world.

I hope one day, our enterprise, products, wealth could help more people around the world and our users can have a better life. This is the reason I founded APUS Group and this is the dream, goal and vision set for it. Hopefully, our efforts, products, wisdom and innovations can change the world.

(3) Lead Chinese enterprises to explore overseas markets

APUS wish to share APUS ecosystem platform with cooperative partners worldwide, provide better internet experience for users globally, while share experience and join hands with Chinese enterprises exploring overseas markets.

3. Values

Change the world with innovations. Create user value. Realize social value.

I hope that APUS products can connect users around the world with internet. Rich or poor, everyone can enjoy the access to internet freely. Therefore, APUS wants to change the world with innovations, create user value, and realize social value. Meanwhile, I believe in the natural balance, when social value is realized, relative amount of rewards shall be given.